November 16, 2016

For Alumni

A Message From Sister Kathleen

It is with great joy and love that I am writing to you. Over the past years, my thoughts frequently turn to Are you happy? Where have your pursuits in education led you? So many, many questions with always the one hope in mind, that you be happy and content with yourself.

As you know, I have been teaching for 50 years. Many of you come back and visit, and share my vision and values of St. Patrick’s School. Who better to spread this vision and value than you, the alumni of St. Pat’s? I am so proud of all of you. It is my dream to proclaim this message that our greatness and joy are in you. You are St. Patrick’s, its spirit, its vision, its future.

We are here, and welcome you to continue to be part of our efforts to pursue spiritual and academic excellence.

I can be reached at St. Patrick’s School, 914-234-7914 or via email at

God bless you and keep you always.

Your friend at St. Pat’s,

Sr. Kathleen Fitzgerald aka Sr. Marie Assumpta




Alumna Returns for May 2016 Crowning of Mary

“O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today! Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May!” So sang students at St. Patrick’s img_5269School in Bedford during the May 20 2016 Crowning of Mary, a traditional Roman Catholic ceremony led each year by the second graders at the school. The service includes the singing of hymns, praying of one decade of the Rosary, and the presentation of scrolls written by every St. Patrick’s School student with petitions and intentions for Mary. During the ceremony’s highlight, a crown of roses is placed on the head of a statue of Mary. This year, the school was visited by a special guest, St. Patrick’s Alumna Tricia Dunn Paolucci, who crowned Mary at the school in 1968. St. Patrick’s School teacher Sister Kathleen Fitzgerald, who has been at the school for 50 years, was present for both crownings.





The Catholic Alumni Partnership

In 2008, a generous benefactor to the Archdiocese of New York launched the  Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP) to helpCatholic elementary schools reach out and reconnect with their alumni. CAP has initially been made available to only 8 archdioceses and dioceses in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts.

Why focus on Catholic elementary schools?

We recognize that Catholic elementary schools are a treasure, but our alumni have never been offered the opportunity to be involved in the success of their school post graduation. Today, this unprecedented effort is aimed at helping Catholic elementary schools reconnect with their alumni.

CAP is a program that will stabilize and enhance the Catholic elementary schools well into the future. It offers alumni an opportunity to participate in or support the schools that gave them their start in life. CAP also sets the stage for programmatic assistance from alumni with current students and parents. It helps school administration leverage their output on behalf of today’s students by re-engaging with successful alumni. It will eventually help current students strengthen their affiliation with their Catholic elementary schools as they grow up and succeed in their lives, setting the stage for giving back to their schools. CAP will help create a culture of participation in the schools over the long term, both programmatically and financially.

Today, through CAP, thousands of Catholic elementary school alumni have already joined together to support and invest in one of the leading primary education tools available — the Catholic elementary school system.

St. Patrick’s School is participating in this program. Find us on the CAP web site here. Together we can create a new future for the schools that helped us realize our own.