November 16, 2016



IMG_5064St. Patrick’s School has a long tradition dedicated to the mission to “teach as Jesus did.”  We provide daily opportunities for our school family to learn and worship together.

Our students begin each day together in the gym for prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements. We end each day the same way. We also attend monthly First Friday Masses together at St. Patrick’s Church.

In addition, our students are prepared to and receive the sacraments of First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

One of our goals is to teach our students to become global citizens who are ready and willing to share their Catholic faith and God-given talents in service to the family of God.  Another is the development of lifelong learners who are able to continue their learning well after the completion of formal schooling.

We seek to instill in our children a love of GOD; to impart a fundamental knowledge of our FAITH; to create an atmosphere of Christian LOVE and RESPECT and to maintain HIGH ACADEMIC STANDARDS.