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  • Academic Excellence, Enriched by Faith

    About Us

    Established in 1956 by the Sisters of Charity, St. Patrick’s School has a long tradition dedicated to the mission to “teach as Jesus did.”

    One of our goals is to teach our students to become global citizens who are ready and willing to share their Catholic faith and God-given talents in service to the family of God.  Another is the development of lifelong learners who are able to continue their learning well after the completion of formal schooling.

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  • News

    • 20th Annual 4th Grade Poetry Book
      Grade 4 is proudly displaying their Poetry Books! Throughout the year they wrote various types of poems such as limericks, haiku, free verse, acrostics, and lyric poems. They incorporated many literary techniques such as similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, and repetition. We are so proud of them!
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      Friday 5/17/19-A few showers fell earlier today but have cleared so far. The Carnival will open at the regular time! Thank you
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    • Carnival cancelled for Tuesday
      Unfortunately, due to the weather forecast, St. Patrick's Carnival will not be opening tonight. If you were scheduled to work tonight, we ask that you please try and volunteer on the weekend or another night. Many slots are still available. Hopefully, we will see you all there tomorrow!
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    • First Holy Communion
      Congratulations to Mrs. Peterson's 2nd grade class and Colin Butler upon the reception of their First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 11th. We are so proud of them and we hope that they will always be as happy to receive the Body and Blood of Christ throughout their lives as they were on this first day. A special thank you to our Pastor, Msgr. John Ferry , Sister Kathleen and Mrs. Karen Stone for making the day so wonderful.
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    • Mother's Day Sale
      Just before the arrival of Mother's Day, our PA sponsored a sale for the children of our school to purchase an assortment of treat for their moms. Mom's will be totally surprised and elated by their presents on Mother's Day morning! Thank you to all the volunteers!
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